Last year at this time, the Federal Reserve was trying to raise interest rates, and investors were in a sour mood for the holidays. This year it is just the opposite - with some indices printing 30% gains during 2019 and a lot of euphoria in the marketplace.

All of this is a bit strange - especially when you consider that corporate profits remained relatively stagnant year-over-year. In our most recent podcast, Joe Barry discussed why markets have been trading higher and what to watch for in the New Year.

Listen to this podcast by clicking below, or reach out directly to your team at Barry if you'd like to discuss the information covered.

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Chart of the Month
mish rent

This chart shows the S&P/Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index since 1990. The blue line shows home prices, the green line shows wages, and the red line shows rent.

Today, there is a large spread between home prices and wages - very reminiscent of the spread that occurred in 2007 as our nation was on the cusp of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Employee Favorites
Our Team’s Favorite Recipes + Meal Plans is a cooking resource used by almost everyone in our office.  Given that healthy eating is on many people’s list of New Year’s Resolutions, we wanted to share this website that contains healthy recipes that also score high marks on flavor.

We’ve found these recipes and menu plans to be great for the whole family, and they use a variety of cooking methods (instant pots, air fryers, and slow cookers - to name a few). Additionally, for anyone on Weight Watchers, WW points are included for every recipe.

It’s been a great resource in our kitchen, and we hope it can be in yours as well.

Investing Wisdom

Thinking about high yield (low quality) bonds…

“If you're right you receive the interest payments and your cash back at maturity. If you're wrong, it's like stepping into an open elevator shaft!”

- James Grant
The Lighter Side Of Investing
Barry Team Happenings

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and wish you all a very Happy New Year!  This month was full of education, celebrations and giving back.  

  • Liz Garvey attended an Estate Planning Round Table Breakfast hosted by the Norfolk & Plymouth Estate and Business Planning Council where they discussed various financial planning topics pertaining to trusts. 
  • Liz Garvey and Kate Alves attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Finance Lab recently completed at New Bedford High School. 
  • Beth Parker, Kate Alves, and Pat Barry volunteered at My Brother's Keeper in North Dartmouth, MA, wrapping gifts for families in need. 
  • Justin Neria celebrated a birthday on December 27th!
  • The team at Barry celebrated the holidays at a dinner in Providence, RI!