For this month’s newsletter, we wanted to provide a look around the Barry Investment Advisors' home office and sit down with our operations team to discuss the work they do on behalf of clients.


Click the link below to full the video and, as always, reach out to your team at Barry if you have any questions.

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The Barry Team
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Chart of the Month

Source: VisualCapitalist.com and available here.


This chart compares the GDP of global superpowers over the last 2,000 years. There are a lot of interesting takeaways that we can gather from this chart, but one thing in particular stood out to our team: the dramatic fall and rise of China that occured between 1820 and 2018. What drove the comeback in recent years? Many point to Chinese economic reforms that occured in 1978. These reforms shifted the country’s economy from a hardline socialist model to a more capitalist architecture, and with it, came growth.

Investing Wisdom

The five most dangerous words in business: "everybody else is doing it".


-Warren Buffet

The Lighter Side Of Investing

“Hot stocks” sound great, but it’s critical to know the full story before making an investment. Like many things, the devil is almost always in the details.

Team Highlight: Kate A. Alves, CFP®

I’ve been working with Joe Barry for just over 25 years.  I started doing trades (and manually reconciling them on paper!), went on to obtain my CFP and served as a Financial Planner and am currently a Financial Advisor for the firm.  My experience at the firm has been nothing short of rewarding. I love working with my clients and knowing their “story,” whether it be about their family history, their interests or their financial picture...

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