With summer officially here and travel planning now underway, Liz Garvey and Kate Alves sit down to discuss the difference between TSA Precheck and Global Entry. Additionally, they discuss who each one is designed for, the costs involved, and tips of going through the process. 


Click the link below to listen to the podcast, and please reach out to your team at Barry if you have any questions.

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Chart of the Month

In 2000, there was just one company in Peru with net sales above $1 billion USD. In 2017, there were 22 companies. And the same type of growth has been observed in emerging markets across the globe like Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. What does this all mean for US investors? It highlights the importance of taking a globally diversified approach to investment management and the opportunities that exist beyond our shores.

Investing Wisdom

"If all your friends are jumping into an investment, it doesn’t mean you should."


-Your Mother

The Lighter Side Of Investing

The IPO market could benefit from seeing this cartoon. We get a bit skeptical any time the price of a stock relies on growth prospects and “scalability” alone. 

Barry Team Happenings - Updates From Our Team!
  • Pat Barry was given the opportunity to interview well-known value investor, Joel Greenblatt.  Be on the lookout for a podcast covering what they discussed!
  • Kate Alves, Liz Garvey, and Whitney Holland attended Inside Track, an annual meeting put on by Fidelity discussing best practices and industry trends. Whitney was a featured panelist at the event.
  • Tyler Craig sat for the third part of the CFA® exam.
  • Lauren Lennahan and Beth Parker attended a networking event, “Rail Explorers,” where they got to network with local professionals while pedaling their own car down railroad tracks in RI.
  • Katherine French, Liz Garvey, and Kate Rowe all celebrated birthdays in the month of June.  Happy Birthday to all of them!

Pat Barry

After graduating from Fairfield University with a degree in Finance, I went to work in New York as a Financial Analyst for the Blackstone Group. This role was a great introduction to the industry ...

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