On this month’s podcast, Kate Rowe and Liz Garvey discuss the necessary steps for financial independence. Listen to this podcast below to get their insights covering budgeting, paying down debt, and how to capture employee benefits.


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Chart of the Month

This chart shows the relative price performance of US and European stocks going back to 1950. Today, this ratio is at a 70-year high and truly in uncharted territory.

We tend to believe in the concept of mean reversion - or the idea that, given enough time, key ratios will return to their long-term averages. For this to happen in this ratio, performance out of Europe would need to pick up, performance out of the US would need to slow down, or both. This is just another reason why we believe international markets hold opportunities for the value investor.

This chart originally appeared here.

Employee Favorites
Sharon’s Favorite Apple Tart Recipe
This month's employee favorite comes from Sharon Elston, our Chief Compliance Officer. She shares her favorite apple tart recipe, just in time for fall.

"I found this recipe several years ago when I was looking for an alternative to a deep-dish apple pie. It's simple to make, delicious to eat, and it's a perfect blend of flavors for this time of year. One change that I would recommend: consider using a firmer apple, like a Honey Crisp, instead of the Golden Delicious. The full recipe can be found in Food&Wine magazine."


- Sharon

Investing Wisdom

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s swimming naked.”


- Warren Buffett

The Lighter Side Of Investing
Barry Team Happenings


It was a month full of charitable events and celebrations for the team at Barry in September!

  • Joe, Pat, Kate Alves, Liz Garvey and Whitney Holland attended the 15th Annual Summer's Last Blast to benefit the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.  It was a fun night had by all - full of excellent company, great food, and plenty of dancing!
  • Whitney Holland and her sister participated in their 13th Multiple Sclerosis Challenge Walk in Cape Cod, MA. They walked 50 miles over the course of the three days and raised over $4,000 towards research and support for those living with MS.
  • Whitney Holland was a featured panel member at the Inside Track, a conference hosted by Fidelity in New York City.
  • Pat Barry celebrated his birthday on September 23rd!  Happy Birthday again to Pat!
  • Beth Parker, Kate Alves and Whitney Holland all celebrated wedding anniversaries in September!