On this month’s podcast, Liz Garvey and Kate Rowe sit down with Luanne Lee, the founder of Your College Planning Coach. With school starting soon, we wanted to discuss the items that parents should have on their radar during the college planning process.


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Chart of the Month

Growth stocks are expensive right now relative to value stocks - really expensive. In fact, if we chart the growth-to-value ratio during the last 25 years, growth stocks haven’t been this pricey since the peak of the dot com bubble. Stated another way, this is the cheapest that value stocks have been relative to growth stocks since the peak of the dot come bubble. This is just another reason why we continue to believe in a value-heavy asset allocation at this time.

Investing Wisdom

“The sound reason for increasing the percentage of common stocks (beyond 50%) would be the appearance of 'bargain price' levels created in a protracted bear market. Conversely, sound procedure would call for reducing the common-stock component below 50% when in the judgement of the investor the market level has become dangerously high.”


- Benjamin Graham

The Lighter Side Of Investing
Barry Team Happenings
  • Congratulations are in order for quite a few team members this month!  
    • Tyler Craig passed the third and final part of the CFA® exam!
    • Katherine French celebrated her 5-year anniversary of working at Barry!
    • Sharon Elston celebrated her 10-year anniversary of working at Barry!
  • Several women of the team helped Katherine celebrate her upcoming wedding by attending her bridal shower last weekend. 
  • Whitney Holland attended a luncheon hosted by Vanguard, whereby she discussed best business practices with members of five other financial investment firms in the area.
  • Pat Barry, Kate Alves and Liz Garvey attended an open house hosted by CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen) at their new offices in New Bedford.  Congratulations to CLA on their beautiful new office!
  • The team would like to welcome our intern, Julia Fluegel.  Julia is finishing her last semester at UMass Dartmouth and has been helping us with various projects during the summer.  We appreciate all of your hard work, Julia!