For this month’s newsletter, we are excited to share our first installment of MoneyClips. This video series will feature various members of your Barry team discussing important financial planning topics and news that is driving the markets.


On this edition of MoneyClips, Kate Rowe and Liz Garvey travel to the Newport Car Museum in Portsmouth, Rhode Island to share the pros and cons of leasing or buying car.


Click the link below to view the video and, as always, reach out to your team at Barry if you have any questions.

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Chart of the Month

“The chart of corporate debt-to-GDP this cycle looks a lot like the mortgage debt-to-GDP ratio of a decade ago. The ratio now has risen to a record high of nearly 50%, and peaks in this metric, like so many other measures listed above, lead peaks in the economic cycles. Look at how close the ‘recession bands’ are to the peaks in the corporate debt ratio.


While many focus on the high yield market, it actually is now exceeded in size by the leveraged loan market, which is in a bubble of its own. And it is the junky nature of today’s investment grade market that really has me unnerved. This is now a $6 trillion market, but half of it is rated BBB or worse — the lowest quality segment before hitting junk. The BBB space has expanded from $600 billion a decade ago to over $3 trillion now. The median debt-to-EBITDA ratio has jumped from 1.9x a decade ago to 3.2x presently, so debt ratios have soared no matter the measure.”


- David A. Rosenberg in “Breakfast With Dave”, January 28th, 2019

The Lighter Side Of Investing

A time machine would make our work a lot easier, but by analyzing historical data and layering on expectations for future economic we can develop a best guess for what might happen next.

Team Highlight: Whitney Holland, CPA

I am originally from Wisconsin (Go Packers!) and moved to New England in 2001. After receiving my Masters in Accounting from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, I joined Arthur Andersen as a staff auditor ...

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