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2020 Year-End Review

January 5, 2021

In this month’s podcast, Joe Barry sits down to discuss the financial markets in 2020, a year that...

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2020 Year-End Planning Items

November 19, 2020

Our team always puts a high priority on year-end financial planning, but it is especially...

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Election 2020

November 3, 2020

With the U.S. election upon us, Joe Barry sat down to discuss how the election may, or may not,...

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Should you refinance your mortgage?

September 9, 2020

On this edition of the Barry Broadcast, Liz Garvey and Beth Parker sat down with Donna McKeown,...

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Market Update IV: COVID-19

April 22, 2020

In our fourth podcast during the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Barry, Pat Barry, Kate Alves and Dan...

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Market Update III: COVID-19

March 23, 2020

Investment markets continued lower this week, as fear around Coronavirus weighed on equity prices....

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Market Update: COVID-19 and Crude Oil

March 16, 2020

Again, markets closed sharply lower yesterday. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial...

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COVID-19 Update #1: March 6th, 2020

March 6, 2020

This week, tension about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pushed global markets sharply lower....

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Key Steps To Financial Independence

November 22, 2019

On this month’s podcast, Kate Rowe, CFP®, and Liz Garvey, CFP®, discuss the necessary steps toward...

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Quiz: The Investor Emotion Cycle

November 21, 2019

The Investing Emotion Cycle tracks the investing public’s temperament towards an asset, idea, or...

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Gauging Retirement Readiness

August 29, 2019

In this podcast that originally aired in August of 2019, Sean Corkery, CFA, Kate Rowe, CFP®, and...

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TSA Precheck Vs. Global Entry

July 30, 2019

In this podcast that originally aired in July of 2019, Liz Garvey, CFP®, and Kate Alves, CFP®, sit...

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The Trade War and Tariffs

June 26, 2019

In this podcast that originally aired in June of 2019, we discussed the ongoing trade war with...

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Analyzing The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show

February 22, 2019

In this podcast that originally aired in February of 2019, Sean Corkery, CFA, sat down with Justin...

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A Closer Look At Equity Markets In 2018

January 24, 2019

In this podcast that originally aired in January of 2019, Sean Corkery, CFA, sat down with Joe...

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Is It Time To Get Strategic With Philanthropy?

December 19, 2018

Winston Churchill famously said, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

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Weekly Market Update

October 12, 2018

With markets down roughly 5% this week, we didn't want to start the weekend without sharing some...

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October Planning Insights

September 26, 2018

On this month's Barry Broadcast, Whitney Holland and Kate Alves sit down to discuss how the Barry...

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September Stock Market Update

September 12, 2018

Joe Barry, Founder of Barry Investment Advisors, sits down to discuss the state of US and...

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Barry Podcast: Interest Rate Discussion

July 17, 2018

Coming out of the 2008 financial crises, we observed zero, and even negative, interest rates in...

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Barry Podcast: Global Investing Strategies

June 21, 2018

Sean Corkery, CFA® and Joe Barry, CFA®  discuss the global investment philosophy used at Barry...

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Podcast: April 2018 Market Update

April 30, 2018

On this week's Barry Broadcast, Sean Corkery, CFA® and Joe Barry, CFA® discuss the state of U.S....

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