On this month’s podcast, we sat down with Justin Neria, Chief Technology Officer at Barry Investment Advisors, to discuss the Consumer Electronics Show. This annual event is a venue for companies to provide a look at their most cutting edge and innovative consumer products. We discuss technology that made a splash at this year’s event and themes to watch in the coming years.


Listen to the full podcast using the link below and please reach out to the Barry Investment Advisors team if you have any questions.

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How To Buy Low: The intrinsic value of a security is critical for value investing, as it tells us how much the security is worth considering all of the facts: company assets, earnings, dividends, and the company’s risk profile. Inevitably, market prices can become distorted, and the price of individual securities will trade above or below its intrinsic value. When prices are below a securities intrinsic value, it is a buying opportunity, and we see many securities now priced below their intrinsic value after the sell-off that occurred at the end of 2018.

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