Our team specializes in servicing the needs of affluent families. A number of our relationships span three to four generations. Our systems allow us to extend our advisory service to 401(k) plans and other outside investment accounts including corporate executive compensation plans. Our company’s growth is directly tied to the value of our clients’ accounts and introductions to their friends, family and colleagues.

The Review Process

Our systematic reviews over the phone or in person are the engine of our service efforts. Each review is agenda driven and productive, covering the financial plan and the investment portfolio in detail. Reviews assure the client a disciplined delivery of services. This does not preclude other interactions throughout the course of the year.

Discretion Advisory

The aim of our Balanced Global Value investment style is to achieve long-term goals. We utilize the best trading software available to ensure tax and liquidity sensitivities, to provide quick response time to the market, and to apply client customizations.  We aim to have low turnover in our client portfolios. 

Team Approach

  • Internal: Our modern office has been designed with advanced systems and physical collaborative spaces to facilitate client solutions.   

  • External: We enjoy frequent communication with our clients’ tax and legal advisors and make income and capital gain data available to CPAs to aid in the planning process.

  • Clients: The families we serve come from varied backgrounds and include business owners and executives. Clients are often a valuable source of information and insight. 

Financial Concierge

We encourage the use of the many conveniences of our primary custodian, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services.  Automatic bill paying, direct deposit, money transfers and simplified charitable giving are but a few examples. Our website also provides direct access to our personalized wealth management service.


Our firm is compensated using an asset-based charge determined by the aggregate value of all household accounts. We receive no other compensation. There is no financial incentive to bias our advice. The detailed fee structure is contained in our Wrap Fee Brochure filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission.


The technological landscape is ever changing.  Having the best software partners enables us do more and be more creative in dealing with clients.  We work with Salesforce, RedBlack, Harvest Solutions, Hubspot, Advent Software, Capital IQ, among others.  The firm received the InvesmentNews Technology Award for 2013.