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Since 1980, the cost of college tuition and fees has risen by nearly 1,200%.1 At the same time, the college planning process has become increasingly more complex—and mistakes made during the process can add up to thousands of dollars in avoidable costs. 


College Inside Track was founded to help families save time, reduce stress, and successfully navigate the college process.  On October 18th from 6:30 PM–7:30 PM ET, Barry Investment Advisors is hosting an important webinar with College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman on how to effectively navigate the college planning process. Cozy will discuss:

  • How the college planning process has changed over the last 20 years
  • Why getting an early start on the college process can save you time, money, and stress
  • How hasty decisions during the college planning process can turn into expensive mistakes
  • The financial aid mistakes that can cost families thousands in avoidable college expenses

Do you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in attending this webinar? Feel free to forward this email to them so they can register for the event.

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