The History of Barry Investment Advisors

Our investment strategy has protected and strengthened client relationships for over 40 years.


Dow Jones: 600

Joseph Barry completes his training and is appointed Account Executive at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith.


Dow Jones: 800

Joseph Barry opens new a branch office for Merrill Lynch in New Bedford, MA as Senior VP Manager.


Dow Jones: 2,246/1,738

Stock Market experienced one day 22% crash.


Dow Jones: 5,000

Joseph Barry creates one of the first comprehensive, financial planning-based Investment Management practices within a major Brokerage Firm, thereby eliminating commissions and conflict of interest.


Dow Jones: 10,300

Motivated to continue operating under a financial planning, fee-based business model, the Barry Team opens new branch office for A.G. Edwards in Dartmouth, MA.


Dow Jones: 9,950

September 11 Tragedy.


Dow Jones: 7,600

The Dot Com crash. Prior to the downturn, the Barry Investment Advisor team reduced client's equity exposure and increased bond exposure. This was a contrarian move at the time but helped smooth client returns during one of the most volatile periods in recent memory.


Dow Jones: 10,600

Patrick Barry leaves The Blackstone Group to join the Barry Team at A. G. Edwards.


Dow Jones: 13,200

Joseph and Patrick Barry form the Independent Advisor Firm, Barry Investment Advisors, in New Bedford, MA.


Dow Jones: 7,600

Global Financial Crisis. Dow Jones Industrial Average declines 34%. Like 2002, Barry client portfolios were bond-heavy going into the correction. Collapsing interest rates increased these bond's book value, helping to mitigate losses within the equity market.


Dow Jones: 17,700

Patrick Barry assumes role as Managing Partner of Barry Investment Advisors. Joseph Barry continues to serve as Investment Analyst and of Counsel to the firm.


Dow Jones: 19,900

Barry Investment Advisors brings on new advisors to support a growing number of client relationships.