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The changes to the tax code have many people feeling uncertain about their tax refund or payment due in April. The IRS and the Treasury Department adjusted the tax withholding tables based on the new code, and as a result, many people saw less money withheld from their paychecks, which has led to smaller tax refunds. If you didn't make changes to your tax withholding (W-4) and you lost some deductions that you had last year, you may be surprised with your tax refund or the amount that is due in April. Typically, lowering your personal allowances increases the taxes that are withheld. If that change doesn’t cover your expected tax bill, you could choose to withhold an additional amount from each paycheck. We would encourage you to review your withholding (including from pensions and annuities for retirees) and speak to your tax accountant to avoid surprises going forward.

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