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With the start of 2019, there will be some changes to Social Security benefits and Medicare. The biggest (and best) change is that retirees will see a 2.8% increase in their social security benefits. This is the largest increase to benefits since 2011. For individuals who haven’t started receiving benefits yet, an important change to keep in mind is the full retirement age (FRA). This is the age at which an individual may first become entitled to full or unreduced social security benefits. Your FRA depends on the year you were born. For those born between 1943-1954, your FRA is age 66. The FRA increases by 2 months for each year following 1954 until 1960. If you were born in 1960 and later, your FRA is 67. Be sure to keep these exact ages in mind when you decide to start receiving benefits. Please see the other changes to Social Security and Medicare in the below link.

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