We help you find peace of mind in your family's investment program

At Barry Investment Advisors, we help define your family's financial goals and then build a globally-diversified investment portfolio that can move you toward these goals. To learn more about the Barry experience and our approach to wealth management, watch our short video or connect with an advisor.

Our Focus: You and Your Objectives

We focus on supporting your financial life so you can focus on what's really important: your family, your career, enjoying your financial freedom, and your legacy. We do a lot for the people that trust us with their wealth, but it all comes down to financial planning and investment management.


Financial Planning

Regardless of where you want to go, your team at Barry Investment Advisors is here to support you and your family at every step of the journey.


Investment Management

We help you protect and grow the wealth you've worked so hard to build, using our global value investment philosophy and decades of experience.


The Barry Experience

At Barry Investment Advisors, we live by the Golden Rule… squared. We treat you the way that you want to be treated. Not the way we want to be treated, and not the way that other clients want to be treated.

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Who We Serve

Since 2007, our team has been serving the unique needs of five types of investors and their families. If one of these investors sounds like you, it's very likely that our team would be a good fit to support your wealth management objectives.


We believe that education and financial empowerment are the building blocks of financial independence.


Retirement is a big step, and we can help you prepare for everything that comes next.


During retirement, confidence opens the door to everything else. We can help you find peace of mind, and so much more.

Multigenerational Families

We help families manage their wealth and empower the next generation of family leaders.

Business Executives

We can help you manage the moving pieces of your financial life and capture the opportunities of equity compensation.

Investment Insights

Throughout the year, we publish articles and blog posts covering key financial planning, wealth management, and tax topics.

Market Commentary

January 2023

During 2022, investors dealt with numerous shifts that dethroned previously high-flying tech stocks and underwent one of the fastest rate hike cycles the current generation has experienced. Moving on to 2023, we see the upcoming years as an exciting time to be a fundamental investor—especially for those who are not limited by geographies or style boxes—and better equipped to handle today’s fast-moving economy and markets.


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Kate A. Alves, CFP® President

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