• What kind of service should I expect?

    We understand the type and quality of service that high net- worth clients appreciate. While the delivery of our financial planning and investment advice is centered on regular reviews, we welcome your calls, emails, and meetings at any time. Our significant investment in advanced technology has made available various methods of communication, including texts, emails, webinars, conference calls, Twitter and eMoney wealth management services.

  • Who will safeguard my assets?

    Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services® is a leading provider of trading, custody and brokerage services to registered investment advisors, trust institutions, and third-party administrators. The company is able to leverage the capital, resources, and expertise of the Fidelity organization, one of the world's largest financial services companies on behalf of its clients. Other custodians are utilized when appropriate.

  • Are there any minimums to become a client?

    For new relationships, there is a $1,000,000 minimum investment.

  • Will I have to pay any taxes if I transfer my account?

    Most of your securities will be eligible for transfer without tax consequences. Your cost basis information will be retained. We will hold new client positions that meet our criteria rather than replacing them to save on unnecessary capital gain tax.

  • What guidelines do you use for asset allocations?

    Asset allocations are established according to your objectives and are set and rebalanced according to overall market valuations. We strive to follow the principles outlined in Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor, Fourth Revised Edition, copyright 1973, by Harper & Row Publishers, Inc. We suggest companies with strong financials, purchased at low prices relative to earnings and book value.

  • What do you charge for your services?

    Our firm is compensated using an asset-based charge determined by the aggregate value of all household accounts. We receive no other compensation. There is no financial incentive to bias our advice. The detailed fee structure is contained in our Wrap Fee Brochure filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

  • Do you ever oversee an entire portfolio that also has allocations that are not part of the assets you manage—such as private equity funds, hedge funds, and 401(k) plans?
    We include all of your varied assets and liabilities and consider all of your financial affairs in our plans. Our wealth management system aggregates assets with daily updates for all investment accounts that are accessible via the Internet. Estimates you provide are used for illiquid assets such as business interests and real estate. In addition to the balance sheet, we provide an electronic vault for document storage. With your approval, the other members of your financial team may be granted access to your accounts for review. The aggregated financial accounting includes the assets of hedge funds and private equity portfolios. While we are in no position to evaluate a hedge fund or private equity portfolio, we do advise that you avoid becoming too illiquid and hold reasonable expectations for the performance of your portfolio.