Where Do You Want To Go?

Financial freedom means something different to every single one of our clients. For some, it means having enough money in retirement to build a second home and send the grandchildren to college. For others, it might mean balancing a busy career, a growing family, and worrying less about whether or not their financial life is on track. Regardless of where you want to go, your team at Barry Investment Advisors is here to support you and your family at every step of the journey.


A Guide For Your Journey

You and your family face a huge number of competing demands for resources, and our financial planning and modeling tools can help balance and simplify these needs. Using sophisticated “what-if” analysis, our team can show you the exact impact on your financial trajectory of sending a child to college, traveling a bit more each year, or starting to give to your favorite charities. This process allows you to enjoy life, always knowing that your financial health and freedom are cared for. When needed, we collaborate with your tax professional or attorney, providing a truly holistic approach which addresses every facet of your financial life.


Clarity For The Entire Process

A significant part of the financial planning process is organization.  As a client of Barry, you are provided access to an online wealth management system which serves as a central location for your entire financial life. By linking your investment accounts and liabilities into this platform, you can see how your financial plan is progressing every time you login. On top of tracking progress, this platform provides a secure vault for every document that makes up your financial life: account logins, legal documents, and contractual agreements.