At Barry Investment Advisors, we focus on supporting your financial life so you can focus on what’s really important: your family, your career, enjoying your financial freedom, and your legacy.



First, we develop an understanding of your complete financial picture. To support this process, we use wealth management software which serves as a central location for your entire financial life. By linking your investment accounts and liabilities into this platform, you can see how your financial plan is progressing every time you login. On top of tracking progress, this platform provides a secure vault for every document that makes up your financial life: account logins, wills, corporate documents, and contractual agreements.


Financial Planning

Using sophisticated “what-if” analysis, our team can show you the exact impact on your financial trajectory of sending a child to college, traveling a bit more each year, or starting to give to your favorite charities. This process allows you to enjoy life, always knowing that your financial health and freedom are cared for. When needed, we collaborate with your tax professional or attorney, providing a truly holistic approach which addresses every facet of your financial life.


The Review Process

Our systematic review process is the engine that drives the service we provide to clients. During these review sessions, we update you and your family on your portfolio's performance and what this means for your overall financial plan. Just as important, we ask you about your life. How are things going? Have your long-term goals and needs changed? What can we do to better support these goals? While these review sessions are critical, we always invite clients to call or email with questions as they come up.


Discretion Advisory

We offer discretionary advisory services to our clients. This means that our team is permitted to make trades or adjustments within your portfolio. With every trade we make, you can expect an e-mail explaining why the adjustment was made and what market conditions caused our team to act. This is an additional service we provide to clients who are interested but is no means a requirement when you become a client.