There are many unknowns in life. One thing we know for certain is that there will come a time when your legacy and assets pass on to the next generation. While it can be difficult to discuss, it’s a critical part of the financial planning process and something we take great pride in here at Barry Investment Advisors.


Building A Plan

As with all aspects of your financial life, our process begins by determining your legacy goals. How much would you like to leave to the next generation? Which organizations would you like to support after you pass? Who should receive your assets, when, and how much? Once these basic questions are answered and your goals are defined, our team gets to work establishing a financial and legal framework that makes it all possible.


Support During a Difficult Time

For your spouse or children, losing you will be one of the most difficult times in their life. While we can’t make the emotional loss any less significant to your loved ones, we can help simplify the paperwork, legal, and estate questions that many times can add to the heartache. To assist in this process, every one of our clients has access to a secure digital vault. This vault is designed to hold every document that makes up your financial life like account logins, wills, corporate documents, and contractual agreements.


Educating The Next Generation

Barry Investment Advisors feels it is critical that the next generation is educated and prepared to put their new found wealth to work efficiently, prudently, and sustainably. The key to this process lies in education, and the team at Barry Investment Advisors is here to support, advise, and guide the next generation that will receive a portion of your life’s work.