The path to financial freedom can be long and filled with surprises. At Barry Investment Advisors, our job is to guide you through every step of this journey using a blend of financial planning and investment management. This approach means that, regardless of what life brings, you can feel confident about your financial life today, in retirement, and everything in between.


Setting A Foundation

When you first become a valued client, you will be paired with a financial planner and investment advisor who are responsible for creating the foundation of your financial life. For the remainder of your financial journey, this will be the team of professionals monitoring your financial health and keeping the growth of your wealth on track.

Our team removes the guesswork from the process, allowing you to feel confident that your are making headway toward key goals and that your financial freedom is moving in the right direction.


Looking Long-Term

While we do focus on shoring up your financial life starting today, your financial planner and investment manager are also focused on the long-term. For many of our clients, the well-earned financial freedom that they enjoy during retirement is the result of financial planning decisions made ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. We want you to reach this same point in your life down the road.

Every recommendation from our team takes into consideration how changes to your financial life will impact your ability to live the retirement of your dreams when the time comes.


Seeing The Big Picture

At Barry Investment Advisors, total transparency is a critical part of our process. This holds true whether we are discussing the fees charged for our services or the progress that you are making on the road to financial freedom.

It is with transparency in mind that we provide wealth management software to all of our valued clients. This platform collects information from all of your financial accounts in one place, allowing you to see your financial progress in real-time. In addition to tracking progress, this platform provides a vault for every document which is critical to your financial life like account logins, wills, and contractual agreements.