At Barry Investment Advisors, we believe that education and financial empowerment are the building blocks of financial independence. With this belief at heart, we formed HER Money Matters — a community focused on providing help, education, and resources to women investors.

Designed for women who...

Are going through a divorce

Divorce is an extremely difficult and emotional time. We understand and are committed to help you find confidence in your new financial life.

Our team is here to help you manage the entire process, from understanding what your financial situation is to capturing Social Security, Medicare, and retirement benefits that you are entitled to.

Have recently lost a spouse

When you lose a spouse, you may lose more than just a partner — you may lose a sense of financial stability and grounding.

We help women navigate this very difficult process, starting with the basics of gathering all necessary documentation including wills, death certificates, and Social Security cards. Once your financial life is organized, we help you identify sources of income, evaluate choices related to health care, and collaborate with your estate attorneys, accountants and other trusted professionals.

Are busy with life and work

Business owners, CEOs, and leaders of the household all make HER Money Matters a vibrant community of women managing wealth.

In addition to specializing in women navigating divorce or who have recently lost a spouse, our team helps women manage their financial life and feel more confident about the road ahead.

What you can expect

Education & Resources

Through HER Money Matters, we provide access to written guides, articles, and videos discussing trends in financial planning, investing, and wealth management. These resources cover everything from simple budgeting tips to Environmental, Social and Governance investing tactics as well as articles discussing hobbies or recent rends and it’s all created by, and for, women investors.

Checklists for difficult moments

Throughout life, we will all face difficult moments of change. During these times, we’ve found that it can be especially helpful to have simple checklists to work through. As part of the HER Money Matters, we provide comprehensive checklists for those who have recently lost a spouse through the passing of a loved one or divorce.

Checklist for Divorcees Checklist for Widows

Events & Webinars

Throughout the year, we host events and webinars covering topics of interest for women. These events are hosted by the Barry team in conjunction with outside experts. We believe these events provide a great opportunity to learn, connect, and share with like-minded investors.

An Empowered Community

Most importantly, HER Money Matters is made up of women who can help you on your journey to financial empowerment.

  • Kate Alves, President
  • Elizabeth Garvey, Vice President, Director of Financial Planning
  • Bethany Parker, Financial Planner
  • Whitney Holland, Chief Operating Officer
  • Katherine Taylor, Vice President, Director of Operations
  • Lauren Lennahan, Senior Marketing and Client Service Specialist
  • Julia Fluegel, Financial Planning Associate
  • Janieva Gonsalez, Compliance Specialist