E-Magazine May 2024

The Barry Team |

We hope this finds you and your family doing well and looking forward to warm summers days ahead! In this edition you will find information on restrictions on imports due to U.S. infrastructure downfalls, various factors contributing to a gold surge, as well as Meredith Whitney's prediction if home prices come down. Please also be sure to scroll all the way down to read some updates from the team!

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The Barry Team

Chart of the Month

This chart depicts the attractiveness of traditional value priced equities versus higher valuation growth stocks.


Investing Wisdom

“I think the record shows the advantage of a peculiar mindset - not seeking action for its own sake, but instead combining extreme patience with extreme decisiveness."

- Charlie Munger

The Lighter Side of Investing

Employee Happenings

It was another busy month for the Barry Team!

  • Liz Garvey celebrated her 14-year anniversary with the firm on the 21st. Congratulations to Liz! We all appreciate your hard work and positive attitude!
  • The team enjoyed viewing the partial solar eclipse outside of the office on the 8th!
  • Whitney Holland attended a round table discussion hosted by Vanguard where she was able to discuss best business practices with other financial advisors.